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Born and raised on the river, it is very important you know your guide, Jon Martin, struggles with a severe addiction.  Fishing!!  The truth is he doesn’t want to find a cure.  In fact, he cultivates his addiction with scenic flowing rivers and an abundance of chrome salmon.  An upbringing of catching every species of fish available in the northwest has created the fishing monster Jon has become.  If it swims and Jon is around, then it’s in horrible danger!  Using an extensive knowledge base of fishing salmon gained from over 20 years of experience and an aggressive style, Jon will do whatever is necessary to put you on the fish. 

In Jon’s spare time away from catching fish, he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Portland State University.  While in college, Jon worked during the summers as a fishing guide in Alaska (  After a couple years of work in the accounting/finance field, he decided it was time to pursue his dream career of being a professional fishing guide.  A decision he will never regret.

What led him to pursue a career as a fishing guide? Endless nights dreaming of the next hookset and mysterious pull at the end of the line.  Jon found these dreams irresistible to ignore.  A fishing career was seemingly the only answer.  How were these dream-filled nights created?  It’s simple; purchase a child his first fishing pole at the age of two and let him hook and land his first salmon at the age of five. He will be hooked, literally!  Then let him catch the record breaking trout at a trout farm at the age of nine (9lbs)!  Lastly, let him catch a 70lb Chinook at the age of 15!  Pursuit of the next record breaker soon turned into a deep seated appreciation and respect for the outdoors.  This is the path that leads us to where we now find your diehard fishing guide at the heart of the action, floating in a surreal setting with hungry fish surrounding the boat.

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